Casetify Glitter Case made with non-toxic materials and passed all safety tests, you can count on our phone case to be real cute and real protective. Our well-loved liquid glitter phone cases feature floating, sparkly liquid glitter pieces for a dreamy, snowglobe-like effect. Made of non-toxic mineral oil and materials, all liquid glitter cases are certified for 100% quality and safety. Shine on. Time to shake things up with glitter case! At CASETiFY, we believe that self expression is what drives us to create. Every print you see is submitted by a network of artists and creatives around the world so that each purchase goes back to supporting self-expression and creativity. CASETiFY's products are made to order and hand-inspected from corner-to-corner to ensure high quality products that you can count on. We champion the one-of-a-kind spirit we all possess. We celebrate YOU. #StateYourCase

Real cute and real protective. Our glitter iPhone 11 Procases are crafted with a dual-layer construction so that they are accident proof. The iPhone 11 case bumper is made of shockproof and soft-touch Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), so you can stay worry-free when it comes to dropping your phone.

Casetify Glitter Case iPhone 11 Pro, Monochrome Silver French Bulldog Unico

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