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PowerSupport Air Jacket Review 2020

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Source: Courtesy of PowerSupport South East Asia

We often get asked the question: "What is the slimmest and most protective case that you guys have?"

That question in itself seems quite contradictory. How can a phone case possibly be slim while offering superior protection? It just doesn't make sense. Until now, at least.

You see, while some slim cases aren't the most protective, they aren't necessarily bad at protecting your phone from drops. This so happens to be the case with the Air Jacket Case by Power Support, designed for the iPhone 12 lineup.

I wouldn't claim the Air Jacket to be the defacto slim case for all Gadget Fans out there. But, a minimalist phone case that does well at what it sets out to do. To be thin.

Made in Japan, the Air Jacket features an exceptionally light and thin polycarbonate material. The phone case does such a great job at seamlessly blending with your phone's color palette. Much to the point that you might even forget you had a phone case in the first place.

Other than its default "clear" color, the Air Jacket comes in 3 colors.

A translucent "smoke grey" and an opaque "rubberized black." Each color comes with its unique designs that set them apart from each other.

Source: MacLink Pte Ltd & The Digital Gadgets

The minimalist might prefer the default Clear case for its simplicity. It is transparent and features the Apple logo. A subtle flex to show off your new iPhone 12.

For matte phone case lovers, the Smoke Grey does an excellent job at keeping fingerprints at bay. Translucent with a dark shade, it remains my favorite.

Finally, Rubberized Black. For those who are looking for a subtle phone case. Unlike other phone cases, it flies under the radar while providing superior grip.

Now, onto protection. As I said, these cases aren't the most protective in the market. But they do offer solid protection nonetheless. Especially at warding off notorious iPhone 12 chipping.

To conclude, the Air Jacket is a modest phone cover with an excellent form factor. If you are highly concerned about your phone's bulk, then the Air Jacket might be for you. With the right expectations.

Personal Rating: 3.5/5

Review by: Mitch - The Digital Gadgets Admin

Product featured in this review: https://www.thedigitalgadgets.com/product-page/power-support-iphone-12-pro-max-6-7-air-jacket-clear

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