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An Honest Review Of The Casetify iPhone 12 Impact Case

Photo Source: Courtesy of Casetify


Casetify. That's a brand name that even your aunt knows about. Known for its loud and expressive designs, it is a brand that celebrities swear by. From the likes of Kylie Jenner to Dwayne Wade. But is this phone case all that it's hyped up to be? How does it go up against shock-drops? Is it worth the money?


For those of you living under a rock, Casetify, the brand owned by Casetagram Limited, is a company founded in Hong Kong by 2 ambitious entrepreneurs: Ronald Yeung and Wesley Ng.

Back then, the company tapped on the designs of others over Instagram, which enabled customers to customize their phone cases to their every whim. Little did they know that Casetify would soon be on track to become one of the fastest-growing brands in the consumer electronics industry.

Over a few years, Casetify would grow and prosper to compete with the best in the industry like UAG, OtterBox, and LifeProof. Collaborating with behemoths like Pokémon, DHL, and Saint Laurent. Those cases remain highly sought after to this very day.

Once again, I will be grading these according to the following criteria:

  • Design

  • Protection

  • Practicality

  • Overall Score

Photo Source: The Digital Gadgets Authorized Casetify Store

Design: A Case Of Marketing Ingenuity

Perhaps the brand's strong suit by far. Casetify positions itself as a brand "made by Millennials for Millennials." To call Casetify cases unique would be an understatement. Often sporting flashy designs, you can expect to find highly colorful designs to glitter-filled phone cases.

A notable feature that makes Casetify cases pop from the crowd is its Casetify branding on the iPhone 12's camera lip. I find it to be a nice overall finishing touch, unlike many other brands that engrave generic logos on the back of the case.

One of the pioneers of influencer marketing, Casetify commands a huge social media presence. Traditional celebrities and trendy influencers swear up and down by Casetify. Often posing with their Casetify cases with their names engraved. Through the use of contemporary marketing techniques and social media marketing, demand for the Casetify brand has never been higher.

I have personally taken a liking to designs like the Sheer-Iridescent and the Glitter Unicorn Pastel as they are quite appealing in my eyes. I am sure you would agree.

Given Casetify's elaborate and diverse designs, it scores a deserving 4.5 / 5.


Like the other top players in the mobile phone case market, most Casetify cases do indeed come with Military Grade Protection. Yes, yes, while I do admit that Military Grade Protection is just another marketing buzzword to assure unsuspecting customers, I promise you that Casetify indeed protects your phone against shock drops of up to 6.6 feet.

This is mostly due to the fact that Casetify ensures the highest quality assurance standards for their products. With multiple phone case reviewers reporting great finishing touches.

And the results do show on TrustPilot too!

"I’m using the cases for almost one year and I love it! Great premium material!" reports a user.

From a year of experience using the Casetify Impact Case, I've had no issues whatsoever with its protection. While I am not one to throw my phone off a building, I'd consider the case to be quite well-equipped for regular drops that are less than a few feet.

Given Casetify's protection track record, it deserves a solid 4 / 5.

Photo Source: Courtesy of https://www.casetify.com


When you think of a phone case, your mind would often project a bulky looking cover that weighs tons in your pocket. Well, I am here to tell you that Casetify is nothing like those sorts of cases. Trust me. I have been using a metal-encased case for years. I know what bulk is.

Yet again, it is not entirely fair to ask for superior protection with a slim, bare-bones design. Most protective cases often compromise on size and weight to offer the best protection in the markets. Such as this OtterBox iPhone 12 Pro Max Defender Series.

People who ask for a slim phone case with the best protection are just lying to themselves. Just take the Power Support iPhone 12 Pro Max Air Jacket Review that I did a while back. Despite its slim, minimalistic factor, it falls short in the protection department. With multiple users reporting cracks after several drops, it was degraded to a 3.5 / 5.

The Casetify Impact case on the other hand does not fall short on protection. This is mainly because Casetify has allowed a little more cushioning while compromising somewhat on its bulk. Which in my opinion is a fair trade-off! Casetify manages to strike a reasonable balance between form and function. That puts Casetify on the list of pocket-friendly cases.

However, with that being said, there is a downside to the Impact Case. With most of their designs centered around glitz and glamor, there is a minor flaw with its reflective anti-scratch coating.

Have you guessed it? Yes, it falls victim to fingerprint smudges.

Just like high gloss phone cases like the Ugly Rubber iPhone 12 Pro Max U Model, the Casetify Impact Case does attract fingerprints. While this might be a cause of concern for several, it does not, in my opinion at least, break a good phone case. However, it's not something a little rubbing alcohol couldn't fix.

In terms of practicality, the Casetify Impact Case once again emerges as a high 4 / 5.

Photo Source: Courtesy of https://www.casetify.com


Yes, Casetify might be overrated.

But it's for a good reason. With a great balance between size and protective coverage, Casetify remains a great option among pricier contenders like UAG, OtterBox, and LifeProof. The Impact case is priced at S$69.80. Slightly above the OtterBox Symmetry at S$68.00 and way beneath the LifeProof NEXT Series at S$119.00.

If you are brand conscious and love to stand out from the crowd, then the Casetify Impact Case might just be right up your alley.

Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5

Review by: Mitchell Ong, The Digital Gadgets Admin

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