PaperLike Tempered Glass With Words Wow Feels Like Paper

Paperlike Screen Protector Singapore, Paperlike 2 for iPads

Shield your iPad from scratches with our Paperlike screen protector!

Paperlike Singapore's Official Distributor: The Digital Gadgets

The Paperlike iPad Pro Cover for creators and doers.

Write and draw like on paper.

PaperLike Screen Protector Illustration With An Apple Pencil
Paperlike Floating Illustration With A Blue Background

Artists all over the world love the improved precision and tactile feel of using Paperlike. It’s optimized to create the ideal amount of friction for extended drawing sessions and the right stroke resistance for optimal accuracy. So instead of sliding your Apple Pencil around on the glass surface, it feels just like a page in your sketchbook.

The iPad has become invaluable at work. Whether you’re annotating drafts, taking notes, or sketching out your big ideas… add an Apple Pencil and you have a powerful tool for business. With Paperlike you can take things to the next level, reduce muscle fatigue caused by writing on a glass tablet, and make your iPad feel just like a notebook. All while keeping the convenience of digital.

Paperlike Note Taking With A Purple Background
A Couple Watching Videos With Paperlike

Unlike other screen protectors, Paperlike enhances your viewing experience. Made with superior display quality in mind, Paperlike never disrupts the experience of watching Netflix or YouTube. And the matte, anti-glare finish even lets you enjoy screen time while in the sun.

Every Paperlike has a little bit of magic engineered into its surface with our Nanodots technology. These microbeads are distributed across the screen protector and make your Apple Pencil vibrate ever so slightly so it feels like you're writing on paper. They’re specially designed so that the display light shines around and through them to minimize refractions. Paperlike will never spoil your view.

Paperlike Nanodots Surface Technology Comparison Illustration
Paperlike Peel Illustration With A Yellow Background

Fall in love with drawing and writing on your iPad. Paperlike is the iPad screen protector developed for professionals and artists who want the precision of paper in a paperless environment.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where can I buy Paperlike 2 in Singapore: Look for any of The Digital Gadgets outlets or online store for Paperlike 2 screen protectors!

How to apply Paperlike 2: Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of your device. Proceed to rub your device with a micro-fiber cloth thoroughly. Paste the Paperlike screen protector on the device carefully. Ensure that bubbles do not form on the surface.

A Word From Paperlike's Founder

Hi, I'm Jan, founder and creator of Paperlike. I always wanted to work paperless and was super excited when the iPad Pro and the Pencil first came out. But then I tried them. The feeling of hard rubber writing on glass was awkward, and my Pencil was sliding all over the screen. I needed a better solution but couldn't find one.

So I threw myself into developing my own solution and came up with what you now know as Paperlike. A Kickstarter in 2017 showed I wasn’t the only one with these issues and led to the founding of Paperlike as a company.

In 2019 with a small, dedicated team around me, we went to Kickstarter again to make a next-generation, even better version of the Paperlike. And we’re excited to share Paperlike 2 with you today.

I still use my iPad with Paperlike on a daily basis, as do thousands of artists, creators, and doers all around the world.

For that, I'm very thankful.


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