LifeProof iPhone 12 Cases & LifeProof iPad Air Protection

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What Are LifeProof Cases?

LifeProof is a mobile phone case brand designed in the United States. The company is renown for their protective, waterproof phone cases and strong regard for the environment. Creating cases from recycled plastics found in the ocean, their recent iPhone 12 lineup include the LifeProof Wake, Fre and Next models. 

LifeProof iPhone 12 Next Clear Lake

LifeProof Case NEXT Model

A classic LifeProof case. The NEXT model features a transparent design with colorful sides. Designed for the LifeProof iPhone 12, it is partially made from recycled plastic. Protective, durable, and aesthetic, it represents one of the best that LifeProof has to offer.

LifeProof Case WAKE Model

A favorite among enthusiasts, this LifeProof case represents LifeProof's commitment to sustainability. Crafted from 85% recycled ocean-based plastics, the LifeProof WAKE model is not only fashionable but highly protective. It's signature ocean wave-like patterns makes it instantly recognizable. If you champion sustainability above all else, then the WAKE model is for you.

LifeProof Case FRE Model

Simple, compact, and pocket-friendly. The LifeProof Case FRE model is designed for everyday casual use. Be it in the office or at home, the FRE model is slim and minimalistic. Like the other phone cases, this LifeProof case is made from recycled plastics. However, the FRE model is unique in the sense that it provides a protective cover for the iPhone 12 and 11 cameras.

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