Cute But Tough, Showoff Your Casetify iPhone Case

Most Popular Casetify Phone Case Singapore

Where does Casetify come from?

Casetify is a phone-case company with proud roots in Hong Kong. Furthermore, it has branched out its office in Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2011, the young start-up started producing custom phone-cases with designs from Instagram.

Where to buy Casetify in Singapore?

Casetify SG is now available at all The Digital Gadgets stores!


Express yourself with our all-new iPhone Casetify cases. Loud and sometimes controversial, Casetify is renowned for its expressive designs. Cute but tough. These phone cases are made to resist the hot, urban climate of Singapore.

Casetify rose to popularity with their collaborations. Pokemon, BTS, Marvel, Saint Laurent, and DHL are a few that come to mind. Today, these are some of the most sought after cases.

Edgy or cute, there is a phone case for every person out there. Treat yourself to an Impact Casetify phone case today!

How thick are Casetify cases? Do Casetify cases turn yellow?

If you've seen Casetify reviews on Google and Youtube, you would know that these cases are of high quality. However, they still require proper care.

Casetify cases are generally slim compared to other brands in the market. Although it's slim form doesn't compromise its protectiveness.

Yellowing is a common occurrence, especially among cheap, thin transparent cases. While Casetify cases rarely yellow within 2-3 years, here are some tips to prevent your Casetify case from yellowing:

  • Use rubbing alcohol to clean your case weekly.

  • Thoroughly rub your case with a microfiber cloth.

  • Use cotton buds to remove dust from crevices.

"What a hassle!" I hear you saying. To which I say did you know that your mobile phone is 10 times dirtier than your toilet?

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